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Vocational Learning Digitalization

Project Description

According to national standards of authorization in vocational education system, process should have to be digitalized and meet other topics accordingly. In a cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Association of Private Colleges of Georgia and National Center of Quality Enhancement, STREGI has developed Digital System for Vocational Colleges Management.

The management of administrative and learning processes in vocational colleges was done through various third-party tools such as google forms, excel, Microsoft teams, email, google drive and some of them are still done on paper e.i student attendance and evaluation.


Implemented system support whole learning process – Users Module (Administration, Teachers, Students);  Course Management module; Learning assessment module;  Attendance management module; Communication module; Finances management module; Alumni card module; 

– Project Idea Prototyping

– User Experience and Interface Planning

– Electronic Program Development

– Trainings for product users Technical support

Business Academy of Georgia



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