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Project Description

l’art is a Sydney-based lighting company specializing in illuminating artworks





Company had a challenge to communicate the value of their specialized lighting compared

to standard lighting, and to establish their unique identity in their target markets.




During discovery process of the consulting project, additional problems/mistakes were identified:


• The company was positioning itself, only as a solution for art galleries, when it could be meaningful to the creative process of artworks.

• The management and employees viewed l’art as “suppliers for art gallery lighting” which did’t show the value of their brand to clients

• Their communication focused too much on “how good is a company” rather than how their guidance and support could help clients solve their issues.



– The core value of the company was identified and communicated to stakeholders “To Give Justice to Art”


– Company developed new positioning territories


– Covering more segments, is profitable for company, as from commercial, so brand awareness side. New segments will craft opinion leaders around l’art, which is one of the critical successes point in art industry:

◦ Artist, Art Studios – Illumination of artworks during creative process

◦ Architects and Designers of Galleries – Gallery design process

◦ Home Users – Giving justice to expensive artworks, owned by collectors


               The messaging guide was developed for each segment


                                         Finally, founder commented – “I started to feel the Brand” 🙂





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