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Project Description

HOME is the second largest retail chain in Georgian market, selling kitchen accessories, dinnerware, souvenirs, reproduction of artworks, chandelier, new year toys & accessories…




• The founders hoped to even out sales cycles in order to reduce reliance on New Year’s and Easter revenue spikes.

• The founders wanted to target higher-end customers with higher incomes, as trends indicated growth.

• Management desired for the company brand to have a more solid image and visual standards




• During discovery workshops, it was found that the brand was closely tied to Home Care, while they could serve more segments.
• Brand positioning was mainly based on product features and pricing



– Management decided to expand their proposition to cafes/bars/hotels, inspiring interior designers with ideas to design their clients’ apartments and other spaces. This shift has helped the company stabilize sales cycles and generate more revenue.


– Through brand communication of new positioning territories, customers started to identify HOME Brand as a lovely solution in designing their or others spaces, gift giving,
welcoming guests, celebrating special days…


– These attempts have also transformed communication on emotional level and connected to customers feelings.


– To communicate the changes in HOME’s new proposition, a new slogan was introduced:


                                                    “DESIGN THE SPACE YOU DESIRE”





– Overall brand identity design was updated

Social Media Results:

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