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Electronic Self-Assessment System for Educational Institutions

Project Description

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, under it’s subsidiary National Center For Educational Quality Enhancement (EQE), is working to raise quality of education in all level of institutions. For this reason, Ministry has developed standards of accreditation and program for educational institutions to make permanent self-assessment, in which all stakeholders will be involved – administrations, teachers, students, parents.

Education Experts on itself should have to be monitored and coordinated, by Ministry and EQE for their tasks – Site Visit and Scheduling, Reporting, Communicating with Stakeholders.

Project Issue was to be developed program that will manage entire countries’ educational institutions in one space, give them ability to make self-assessment according to national standards of accreditation and grant right to all stakeholders to participate, make analytics for their current position and planning for improvement in line with timescale. On the other hand EQE and Ministry should have right to access info and make analytics by region, standards, institution level, issue level.


STREGI has work with Ministry and EQE on digitalization of this process. Solutions provided 

– Project Idea Prototyping 

– User Experience and Interface Planning and Design 

– Electronic Program Development

– Trainings for product users

– Technical support 


Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia




PHP, Laravel Framework

You can see attached letter of recommendation, for successfully running

technology of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.